30 Days Additional Email Activity History


Gain added visibility into your email program with 30 Days Additional Email Activity History.

Add 30 Days Additional Email Activity History to expand your data accessibility beyond the 3-7 days provided. You’ll also be able to use the Email Activity API to programmatically filter all email messages and call events for any message.

Email Activity makes it easier to troubleshoot email issues and give your team better insight with:

• Sequential event organization by message

• Advanced search and filtering

• CSV export

Quickly troubleshoot email delivery.

You need visibility into the status of each email that’s delivered through the API. But you don’t always hear about the problem right away, and you usually need more information to track down and resolve common email issues when they reach you.

Advanced search and filter options make it easy to pinpoint specific emails based on subject lines and metadata for a rolling 30 day period.

There’s no need to build complicated webhook workarounds or settle with unanswered questions about why something isn’t working.

Access email data when and how you need it.

With Additional Email Activity History add-on, you can tap into your email activity programmatically by calling all events for an email message from the API.

You can review your data in the UI or export it as a CSV to share with your team.

This gives you and other email stakeholders the freedom to access, customize, and analyze the data independently.

How much does it cost?

30 Days Additional Email Activity History is available for an additional monthly fee on top of your email package. Add it now or buy it later through your Twilio SendGrid account.

The additional cost will be reflected in your package total and combined with any other add-ons you purchase.

Billing cycles are monthly and you will be charged the next month for any usage and purchase you make this month. For more information, review our Billing Info and FAQs.

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