Expert Implementation & Strategy


Get the highest level of support, education, and strategic guidance to get set up for success. Have dedicated experts guide you through your account architecture setup and develop a strategy during this 60-day engagement so your email program can perform at its best.

Help for:

  • Setting up your Twilio SendGrid account and analyzing your sending strategy
  • Optimizing or creating new mailstreams on your existing Twilio SendGrid account
  • Setting up complex email programs with multiple streams
  • Resolving deliverability pitfalls
  • Assessing performance and refining your email program

What’s included:

  •  Dedicated experts to help with implementation, provide strategic 
 recommendations, and train you on best practices
  • In-depth training on Twilio SendGrid’s products and UI
  • Custom account architecture and IP warmup plan based on your unique sending needs
  • Expert guidance on protecting your email through email authentication and DNS setup
  • Proactive monitoring of delivery metrics so you won’t harm your sending reputation as you send more mail
  • Comprehensive review of your current or planned sending strategy, content, contact segmentation, sunset policy

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